9-3- Tools to launch successful campaigns


Tools to launch successful campaigns

– [Instructor] There are many great tools to launch successful email campaigns and what you decide to use will depend on what you wanna spend, the size of your business and what you intent to do with your email marketing. Now, I’m gonna briefly show you three of the top tools in the email marketing world. MailChimp, Constant Contact and Emma. Let’s look at MailChimp.com first. MailChimp has an easy to use editor, pre-designed templates and has a forever free plan. They’ve got a lot of great integrations with other sites such as WordPress, making it easier than ever to collect emails.

MailChimp also has a very thorough knowledge base and plenty of setup guides which make it easy to find answers to your questions. Now, you’ll only be able to receive email support though if you run into any problems. But it is definitely very easy to set up and use.Now, keep in mind, MailChimp does get very expensive as you scale up in your list size so be aware of that and thoroughly read their pricing details to understand how those costs will grow. Now, another very popular tool is Constant Contact and you’ll find that at constantcontact.com.

They have a near identical features to MailChimp and offer an extended free trial. But they do not have a forever free plan. Their least expensive plan is $20 a month. However, Constant Contact is more affordable than MailChimp at larger email list sizes. Now, just like MailChimp, you’ll have the same integrations. Constant Contact, though, has telephone support and that’s a plus if you’re looking to talk with a real person and get quick answers to your problems.

Now, they’ve really stepped up their game over the years and have an evolving product suite. And finally, an often overlooked platform is Emma and you’ll find that at myemma.com. Now, they do have the most expensive plans of the group, starting at $89 a month, but what’s unique is they do a hands-on onboarding and they have phone and email support. So when you sign up, they’ll personally walk you through your account setupand make sure that all of your needs and questions are met.

Their email creator interface is the best of the group and the outcome is incredible. They have the same integrations and feature set as the other platforms so you won’t be losing out if you select them. Now, really the big win with Emma is their personalized service and their unique approach to reporting and customer segmentation. Now, I know I said three tools, but I’m going to give a bonus tool called EmailOctopus. If you’re interested in a bare bones email solution that is incredibly inexpensive, this is the way to go.

You’ll need to set up an integration with Amazon SES but they have incredibly easy to follow walkthroughs. This platform is no frills but it’s dirt cheap and it’ll get the job done if you have a large email list and need to keep costs low. Pick the solution that your business needs and then build high quality email content to bring positive ROI to your online marketing.

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