8-4- Promoting videos on YouTube


Promoting videos on YouTube

– [Instructor] Beyond gaining video views organically, you might want to run some paid video promotions. And you can do that either by running your video as an advertisement in front of other videos, or as a recommended video in search, or even after someone watches selected content. Let’s assume that we wanna promote this commercial from H+ Sport. In order to do that, we’ll have to go back into AdWords. The first thing I’m going to do is copy the URL of the video that I wanna promote. And this’ll be important in just a minute.

Next, I’m going to tab over into AdWords. Here we are in the dashboard of our AdWords account and we’ll start by going to campaigns on the left hand side, selecting the plus icon and then choosing new campaign. For here it’s as simple as choosing the video campaign title. Next we’ll select the goal. In this case, I’m going for video views so I’ll select brand awareness and reach. From here we can choose the campaign subtype, which is where we wanna decide if we want standard awareness or outstream.

Now you wanna read more about these two options and you can do that by selecting learn more which will provide you with deeper insights into which of these fits your goals. I’m gonna leave it set as standard awareness and choose continue. This is going to look almost identical to the campaigns that we’ve set up before. We start by giving it a name,identifying our budget, and we can review any additional settings.

Now one thing that you’ll notice is that the bidding strategy is on a CPV which is cost per view. And this is the default bidding strategy. Instead of paying per click, you’re going to be paying per view. Now what’s nice about cost per view bidding, is that a view is only countedwhen someone watches 30 seconds of your video ad, or the duration if it’s shorter than 30 seconds, or they interact with the ad, whichever comes first. I’ll scroll down and we’ll start by creating our ad group.

And here’s where we set the maximum CPV. As I scroll down, much like we had with display advertising, we can identify the people that we wanna target, as well as the keywords, topics, and placements. You’ll wanna spend time getting this configuration right. This is where you identify the exact target audience that you want to receive this video. And finally, we’ll have to create the ad itself.

I’m going to paste in the URL of the video that we wanna promote and now we have the ability to decide what format we want this video to appear in. At any time, if you’d like to learn more about each format, simply hover over the question mark. Now the in-stream ad is what likely most familiar with. Before you start watching another piece of content,YouTube is going to run a commercial. If your content works as a stand alone commercial,this is a great place to put it but it needs to be short.

The next type is a video discovery ad. Now you’ll notice that Google is not actually going to allow me to select this type because of the subtype or goal that I selected. However, depending on the goals that you chose earlier, this may be available to you. And the video discovery ad, is where your video content shows up in search. So this format is ideal if your video does not work as a stand alone commercial, but is instead a long form piece of content that you want someone to find when they’re conducting a search query.

Now all ads allow people to click through to your website. So make sure you add in your final URL as well as a display URL. And you’re going to have the ability to include a companion banner for those that are on desktop devices. And this is a small display advertisement that shows up alongside your ad. Now Google can automatically generate this using content from your channel or you can upload a custom image. Once you’re done, you’ll simply choose save and continue. From there it’ll be much like all of the other adsthat you’ve created before.

Now promoting YouTube videos can bring in some really great results, and cost per views are relatively inexpensive. Typically between two cents to six cents. So be sure to use the right targeting, start with a small market, and as always, continue testing until you find that winning combination.

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