8-3- Creating compelling content


Creating compelling content

– Not all video content is created equal. If you decide to pursue video marketing, you’ll wanna focus on building high quality and highly targeted material. Much like your website, viewers decide whether they’ll keep watching your video within the first few seconds, so you not only need to retain their attention throughout your video, but you need to make sure the first moments are captivating. Your content should speak directly to your audience, if you’re skewing towards a younger generation, humor is a great approach, whereas an older generation might be more interested in an authentic and authoritative tone.

Some of the best content answers questions your target audience is already asking. As you create your videos, avoid building a sales pitch and instead, share the unique aspects of your product or service that can’t be told with text or pictures. What makes it unique? What are you proud of? What do you highlight when you share your business offerings with others? Those are some great questions to help you find what content to create first. As you build this content, keep the following in mind, your videos should be short, less than two minutes is an ideal starting point, and if you plan on using your video as a paid commercial, less than 30 seconds.

When you go to create your content, be sure to use a very high quality camera, focus on good lighting, invest in a tripod, or a way to keep the camera stable, and if you do end up shooting with an iPhone, remember to turn it horizontally. Talk directly to your audience and keep it natural, slightly informal, and personal. The values of your brand, your tone, and your visual style should all be evident in your content. Keep future videos consistent so as not to createconfusion when users watch more and more of your material.

Most viewers will only make it through about 70% of your video, and that’s even pushin’ it. The shorter your video, the better the likelihood users watch it to the end. Include a call to action in the middle of your content, and again towards the end, and leverage annotations on YouTube to make the messaging interactive. For more details and best practices, I would definitely check out the YouTube Playbook at youtube.com/playbook. If you’re strapped for ideas, consider reaching out to an agency that specializes in building video content. If you’re doing it yourself, consider renting quality lights and video equipment from a company like borrowlenses.com,and as always, explore the library here for more in-depth tutorials on video production.

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