8-2- Getting started with video marketing


Getting started with video marketing

– [Instructor] One of the best places to start your video marketing effort is on YouTube. But before we start setting up our account, let’s take a look at what we’ll be creating. Now, I’ve gone ahead and pulled up the LinkedIn Learning Solutions YouTube channel. Now, this is much like the same profile pages we’ve been seeing on other social media networks. Here we can see a cover photo, the logo of the brand, the name of the channel or the brand, and there’s a large icon in the right hand side which allows me to subscribe to this channel.Subscribing provides me with notifications any time new content is published.

From here, we have some navigation options. I can view the home page, which is the page that LinkedIn has built and customized to their needs. They’ve added a default video here at the top, and they’ve also included various playlists that they find most important and popular for people arriving at their channel page. You’ll also notice that I can interact with these tabs. I can select Videos, which takes me to all of the videos they’ve uploaded.

Playlists, which allows me to see all of the playlists that they’ve curated. And a playlist allows the content creator to put multiple videos into this bucket and when someone clicks in, it keeps that content organized and they can watch it sequentially. We can also select into Community to see if they’ve posted any text content. And if I select into Channels, we’ll see any other channels that they feature. In this case, they have channels in different languages.

The About section is where you can include personalized descriptions about the brand,details, and links outside of YouTube. Now, most users find your content through the YouTube search. They don’t typically arrive directly on your channel page unless they’re looking specifically for you. The value of YouTube is that people will discover your contentwhen they’re searching. Let’s say for example, I’m looking for how to roast coffee. I’ll go ahead and conduct that search.

And now we can see all of the results available to us. Now, you may also see paid advertisements appear in this list. As people follow more content and interact, they’re going to spend a lot of time on the home page of YouTube. And this is going to show trending content as well as channels that you follow. Let’s get started by setting up our YouTube business account. Now, with most things Google, once you’ve created a Google account, you’re typically logged in to that product when you visit it.

In this case, I’m logged in as Henry Twill. Which means I essentially already have the abilityto start building out my channel. What I’ll do after selecting my icon in the upper right hand corner is choose my channel. Here’s where YouTube is going to ask us if we wanna use YouTube as us, in this case, Henry Twill, or if we’d like to use a business, which is what I wanna do. So, I’ll select Use a Business or Other Name here towards the bottom of this box.We’ll go ahead and enter in our brand account name.

And choose Create. And just like that, we’ve set up our first YouTube channel. We wanna get started by choosing Customize Channel in the upper right hand corner. It’s here that we begin to build out the page just like the page that we saw with LinkedIn. I’ll start by selecting Add Channel Art. Your channel art is very much like the cover photo that you have on Facebook as well as the cover art that you have on Twitter. Once you’re in here, you can drag a photo or select a photo from your computer, you’ll have the opportunity to resize it,and then you’ll choose Save.

I’m gonna go ahead and select Cancel. I’ll let you do that on your own. The same time you can hover over the pencil icon of the silhouette in the upper left hand corner, which allows you to edit your channel icon. Now, at this point, Google’s going to take you out into their aboutme.google.com section. And this allows you to sync all of the data that you set up about your brand with other services. So, here is where you’re actually going to set that brand logo. I’m just gonna go ahead and close out of this, but know that you can select the pencil icon here or hover over the camera icon and edit that information directly.

Next, we should add some information about our brand. I’ll select the About tab and then we can select the plus icon next to the channel description. And here’s where we wanna include our description about this channel. You should describe your brand very accuratelyand include any relevant information that you want to display to a user. You also have the option to click the plus icon next to For Business Inquiries, which allows you to provide your email address where you can be contacted.

You can also add in additional links, which will drive traffic away from YouTube. This can go to your other social media accounts or even your website. And finally, I’ll go back to the home page and let’s assume that we’ve started adding content. Once we’ve finished adding content, we can start to add sections. And I’ll do that by selecting Add a Section and now we can choose the content. And here we have the ability to select all kinds of content. Our popular uploads, any playlists, subscriptions, or recent activities.

And we can decide how we want this information to be laid out. This is great, because it allows you to build a very robust landing page for your video content. I recommend that you organize things into playlists when you’re just getting started, and help people understand where your most popular and prominent content is, so if they do arrive on this channel page, say from your website, they can navigate the sections that you think are most important to them. From here, we need to look at what’s known as our Creator Studio. I’ll select my icon in the upper right hand corner and choose Creator Studio from the drop-down that appears.

It’s here in the Creator Studio that we manage our YouTube account. Notice in the upper right hand corner you have the upload icon and that’s how you get your video contentdirectly into YouTube. Selecting that allows me to drag and drop our files or we can import it from Google Photos, if we’re using that. I’ll choose Back to go back into Creator Studio.Here is where we can see our analytics, the videos that we’ve uploaded, any tips, and manage our comments. Along the left hand side is how you’ll navigate Creator Studio.

The video manager is where you’ll spend a good amount of your time. And once you’ve uploaded videos, it’s within the Video Manager that you’ll add your title, description, and additional information, as well as have the ability to edit the content that you’ve uploaded.And there you have it. That’s the high-level overview of YouTube.

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