8-1- The impact of video marketing


The impact of video marketing

– Video marketing is a popular option within online marketing. It involves producing video content and placing it on sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Now, you might be asking, why is it worth producing video content? Well, if I were to ask you what the second largest search engine next to Google is, what would you say? Yahoo? Bing? It’s actually YouTube. This makes YouTube an incredibly valuable resource for driving brand awareness and traffic to your website. Video marketing can be used to show off your location, your products, or even help customers through their buying decision.

You might make a video to tell your brand’s story or create your own commercial and use it to advertise on top of related content. A well-titled and described video can appear in Google search results as well, driving yet another opportunity for people to discover your brand. Now, there are several companies whose success was hinged on viral videos. But two come to mind. Dollar Shave Club and Blendtec. Dollar Shave Club is an online subscriptionfor razor blades. The company saw impressive growth after they posted a comedic viral video on YouTube.

Within the first 48 hours of posting the video, they had over 12,000 new customers. And in the first three months, they racked up over four and a half million video views. The video went on to generate press mentions, social media shares, and even case studies like this one. The fact Dollar Shave Club recently sold for $1 billion to Unilever reinforces the potential value of a video. Now, Dollar Shave Club orchestrated the effort. They planned the entire video out and designed it to resonate with their target market.

Instead of a typical short video about their product, they told the story through an unexpected video montage. They hired the right team to produce it, and quality was paramount. Another brand that you may have seen on YouTube is Blendtec. Their founder, Tom Dixon, created a YouTube video series called Will It Blend? And he puts everything from bricks to golf balls into his blender to prove it’s one of the best blenders you can buy.The videos were a direct response to customers curious if the Blendtec would blend things well.

And he jumps on a new trend as well. When the new iPhone was released, he made sure it was dropped straight into the blender. Tom keeps uploading new movies and now has over 850,000 subscribers to his channel. It’s been over 11 years of the same style of video, yet fans continue to share videos to their friends and engage with the brand by suggestingwhat should be blended next. There is a huge potential to build video content that will resonate with your audience. But your focus doesn’t have to be to go viral. You may decide video marketing is ideal because it’ll help you along in your sales journey.

Or maybe answering questions via YouTube will reinforce your brand’s commitment to customer service. You can introduce videos that demonstrate your product or service, or feature team introductions. It’s possible customers or competitors are already making videos about your product or services. If that’s the case, there’s even more reason to jump in and leverage the power of video marketing. The best impact from video marketing will come from building interesting and unique content. As we continue in this chapter, we’ll take a closer look at how to get set up on YouTube and the best practices for creating your own videos.

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