7-6- Marketing with Pinterest


Marketing with Pinterest

– [Instructor] The last of the major social media networks we’ll be talking about is Pinterest,and Pinterest is the most visual of them all. Now, I’m here on lynda.com’s business Pinterest page, and you’ll notice that this looks very similar to the other social profiles we’ve seen.Cover image at the top, company name, as well as our logo. You’ll notice how many followers there are, as well as the option to follow, and I’m already logged in with a personal Pinterest account. In order to view Pinterest content, you do have to log in. Below this, we can see several links.

An Overview, Boards, Pins, Activity, Followers, and so on. As I scroll down, we can see all of the latest pins from lynda.com, as well as the latest boards that they’ve created. Boards are a collection of Pins grouped into categories. And Pins are essentially pieces of content that someone has bookmarked, or wanted to save, and move into their board or onto their profile to interact with it. Now, people tend to interact with Pinterest by searching for content, or by seeing their feed populate with all of the Pins of those that they follow.

You’ll notice that if I select into a Pin, we can see comments on the Pin, add a comment,and we can see where the Pin came from. You also have the ability to visit the page, or I can save it to my own Pinterest page. I’ll select Back to feed. Now, as you can see, Pinterest requires a lot of visual creativity, but if it aligns with your target market, there’s a great opportunity to capture a unique audience. Now, to set up a business account with Pinterest,you’re going to go to business.pinterest.com.

Here, you can select Join as a business on the left-hand side. I’m going to choose to switch the account that I’ve created to a business account. We’ll add in our business name, our website, and select a business type. I’ll choose Continue, now you see the blank slate, and it looks just like the lynda page, except in this case, I need to fill it out with our cover photo, our logo, and I need to begin pinning items, or creating boards.

Now, I’m not gonna go deeply into how to set up Pinterest, or create boards, there are great courses right here that can walk you through this in-depth. But one thing I’ll point out is, of course, the advertising opportunities. And you’ll find that by selecting Ads in the upper left-hand corner, and from here, you have all of the available ads that you can look at. If you’re trying to drive traffic, I can select the Traffic link, and here, Pinterest is going to walk us through setting up the Ad Manager. I’ll select our location, and choose Next.

You’ll notice that right away, we have the opportunity to choose our campaign goal, and much like all of the tools that we’ve seen before us, we simply need to follow through these prompts to get set up running ads on Pinterest. Now, I’m not going to walk through each of these steps, but I recommend that if your audience is on Pinterest, and if your brand resonates by using highly engaging visual imagery, that you take the opportunity to explore whether Pinterest ads make sense for your online marketing objectives.

A great way to get started is to explore Pinterest in-depth by looking at other brands in your space to see how they’re using it. You can see what their success looks like, and if you think that there’s an opportunity for you to generate a meaningful ROI.

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