7-4- Marketing with Twitter


Marketing with Twitter

– [Narrator] Over half a billion Tweets stream through Twitter everyday. People are talking about all sorts of things that interest them, they might be interacting with a trending topic,such as the launch of a new iPhone, learning about world events, talking about their day to day life or even interacting with brands like yours. Being a business on Twitter is about creating and capturing these conversations. You might leverage Twitter to share details on a new product, behind the scenes look at your process or helpful tips that in turn can boost your attention, you might even convey your brands personality by sharing other news from your industry or adding an opinion to an existing topic.

Twitter is also incredibly valuable as a customer service tool, you can listen for people mentioning your brand and quickly respond to them in a public forum. Now to be successful on Twitter you’ll need to take those core marketing objectives and break them down to what works on this platform. On a high level, what is it that you’re hoping to accomplish and how can you do so in small short tweets. You see, Twitter is all about these short messages, called tweets and you get a 140 characters to use them so you’ve got to really be creative but understanding your objective you’ll be able to identify whether or notyour efforts are panning out.

Now you’ll notice that I’m on the Linked In Learning Twitter page, much like we saw on Facebook, you have a cover photo and your logo, here we can see all the tweets from Linked In Learning in chronological order with the exception of some brands who pin a tweet in the very first position, you can pin any tweet that you want people to see out of that chronological view. Every tweet can be interacted with, you can select to reply, retweet it, which allows you to republish it out of your account and you can even add a comment or simply like it.

Now, getting set up is straight forward, you’ll go to Twitter.com and choose sign up, from here you’ll enter in your full name or the name of your business as well as your email address and set a password. Twitter’s going to ask you to verify your phone number, I’m going to choose skip and then we need to select our username, you want to make sure that your username is short, easy to remember and free from any characters like an underscore or numbers if they’re irrelevant.

The underscore is hard to get to on a mobile keyboard, which makes it difficult for people to interact with your brand in the way that most people are using Twitter, which is from their mobile device. Now you’ll find that Twitter is fairly popular so finding a username that’s available could be a little bit of a challenge but feel free to get creative. From here, Twitter’s gonna walk you through a guided tour to get you set up with things that you’re interested in, this’ll help curate the feed that you’re going to see.

I’m going to skip the step to import my contacts. Now, you’ll have the ability to follow people, I’m going to unselect all the accounts that Twitter suggested and simply choose continue. Here, Twitter’s gonna show us around, the timeline is where all of the content feeds in, so as you begin to follow more brands or other folks, your timeline will fill up with all the tweets that they’re publishing.

Along the top, you’ll notice that you have a link home, moments, notifications and messages. Moments is where you’ll find news and things that are going on around you,notifications is where you’ll find alerts, such as people following you or replying to your message and messages is where you’ll receive any personal direct messages, these are private messages, things that the public cannot see. Now, gaining a real following on Twitter is more than just sending out a tweet, you really need to identify your target audience and begin to interact with them.

Now you start by using Twitter through sharing information and content, you’ll select tweetin the upper right hand corner and you can publish a message to post on your timeline,you can also include images, animated GIFs or even create a poll. Once you’ve crafted your tweet, you can choose tweet in the bottom right hand corner and now, if I click into my profile, you’ll see that our tweet shows up. You’ll use tweets to drive engagement for any promotional activities, as well as publish content from around the Twitter network.

So if you see something that is relevant to your audience you can retweet that and promote it to your audience and you can even add in your own comment to indicate what you’d like to add to that message. Now your goal is not just to broadcast your content like you might on Instagram or Pinterest, what you wanna do is interact with the community, you’ll find that a lot of the community is rallied around hashtags and hashtags are a way of linking related content together. In the upper right hand corner, I’ll search Twitter for hashtag Linked In Learning and here we can see tweets that are using this hashtag.

This is a great way to identify people that are engaging with a particular topic or as a way to find people who might be interacting with a hashtag that you’ve begun to promote.After you’ve begun publishing your content, the primary goal is to identify conversationspeople are having but people talk about all sorts of things on Twitter, sports, life events, news, they’ll even vent about a terrible restaurant or a product they’re using. With all of these tweets flying around everyday the likelihood someone is having a conversation that you can add value to is high.

Have you ever been to the coffee shop and you overheard a conversation that you thought,“Gosh, I can probably add value to that” some of us might jump right in, we can hand a business card and pitch our product or business but most of us probably aren’t comfortablewith that strategy and we miss out. Well Twitter is like a giant coffee shop, only you can search for the exact conversations you wanna jump into and because Twitter is all abouthaving your message seen, it’s only appropriate to send a reply, a retweet or a mentionwhen you discover a hidden gem.

To search for conversations, start by making a list of keywords related to your business, your products and even your competitors then imagine yourself in a coffee shop or a trade show or anywhere that you’re likely to find leads and make another list of the phrases or keywords that would indicate to you, hey, that’s an opportunity for me to make a sale.Once you’ve got that list, start entering the search terms into that search box in the upper right hand corner. Now you’ll notice that once you conduct a search, Twitter sorts by top but you can sort by latest or by people to review each individual tweet around that word or topic.

If I find a conversation that looked right, maybe someone talking about their favorite sports drinks then I can engage in a few ways, first I might just retweet them is it’s in line with my brand, they’ll receive a notification, they might even click on our handle to see what we’re about. Secondly, I might reply to them, in the example of H Plus Sport, I might ask themhow they think our beverage compares to what they’re drinking now. Authentic conversations come across as less sales oriented.

Lastly, I may mention them in a tweet, it really depends on the context of what they’re saying but if a shout out grabs their attention without pushing the boundaries then I’m all in. Now, as you begin to interact with people on Twitter, you’re really going to need to make sure that your Twitter profile is built out, I went and selected home and from here I’m going to select our name, H Plus Sport, you’ll wanna click into the large icon on the left hand side with the camera to add your profile photo or you can select add a profile here on the right hand side and from here you can select to add that profile photo but you also have the ability to add the header photo and include your bio, location and a link to your website.

I highly recommend that you build this out because as you begin to interact and engagewith people on Twitter, they’re gonna come back to your profile page and see what you’re all about. Now, as you begin to invest energy in setting up Twitter, there’s two tools that you’ll probably wanna take a look at. The first is buffer and this allows you to pre-create a lot of content, you can simply generate a bunch of content and schedule that content to be delivered at a certain interval, this makes it really helpful to make sure that your Twitter account is always moving some messaging forward.

The second tool you’ll wanna look at is Hootsuite, Hootsuite allows you to manage all of your social media in one place, this way you can engage people on Facebook and Twitterand YouTube and Instagram all from one platform, you also can schedule your post and duplicate post from one platform to another. Twitter is an incredibly valuable platform and it’s relatively easy to get started and set up and just like Facebook, they do have a paid ads platform which you can look more into, however, if you are active on Twitter and engaging with people directly and following hashtags, you’ll likely see tremendous success organically, as compared to Facebook, which you’ll need to pay for.

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