6-2- Signing up for an AdWords account


Signing up for an AdWords account

– [Instructor] To start advertising with Google AdWords you’ll need to create an AdWords account. The first step is to open up a browser and head over to adwords.google.com.From here, I’ll choose start now on the left side of the screen and Google is going to redirect us into their guided tour. Now, it’s tempting to fill out the information in this guided tour, but if you do, Google is going to walk you step by step all the way through setting up your first campaign and I’m not a big fan of trying to create something before you’ve explored how the interface works. So simply click skip the guided setup.

First things first, we need to either enter in our existing Google account information or provide information to establish a new Google account. If you use Gmail, Analytics or AdSense, then you already have an account established with Google and you can use the same email address you used to log in to Analytics to sign up with AdWords. Now, if you’re creating a brand new Google account and setting up Google AdWords for a business purpose, you likely wanna create the Google account with your business email domain.

Now, I already have a Google AdWords account set up for my business so I’m simply going to enter in my email. Google’s going to indicate that because we have an account, the next step will be to sign into our Google account before we can set up that first campaign. Now, if you’re setting up a new Google account, once you click save and continue, Google will walk you through the steps to create your first Google account and they’re pretty straightforward, you’ll set a password, verify your account and then you’ll end up right back where you would as if you already had an account set up.

Now, regardless if you have an account or you’re setting up a new one, you need to set up your country, timezone and currency. This is important. The selections you make right here cannot be changed. So make sure that you pick the location and the timezone that you wanna see in your reports later. I’m going to pick the Pacific timezone. Now, the way that the timezone works is Google is going to adjust all of your data so that it appears in your timezone. So if someone in another timezone makes a sale, that sale will show up in the correct day for your timezone, so if it’s Wednesday for them but Tuesday for you, the sale will show up in Tuesday of your timezone, even though they made that purchase in Wednesday of their timezone.

Once you’ve selected your settings, choose save and continue. Google’s going to ask me to log in to account. And that’s it. Now you’ve got yourself a Google AdWords account.

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