5-7- Leveraging local SEO


Leveraging local SEO

– [Narrator] If your business acquires customers locally, then you’ll find value in investing in local SEO. It’s similar in approach to traditional SEO, but it’s biased towards business who draw that local customer. Now there’s a few extra steps you’ll wanna consider to help move your brand higher in your local search results. Let’s do a quick search here on Google.comfor a local company. Let’s just type in cupcakes Carpenteria. What we get right away are some unique results. Here on the righthand side, we see this really rich result for a local cupcake company, and this is incredibly beneficial for their SEO.

This draws a lot of attention and allows consumers to interact with it immediately. Let’s try another search. I’ll type coffee Carpenteria, and here we see different results. Right away, Google pulls up a map page and shows us three local businesses. We see a name of the business, a photo of the business, the reviews, the hours, where they’re located, and in some cases, a small line about what they offer. Now local SEO is a fairly in depth processand there’s a course right here that’ll take you further into this if you’d like to know more,but let’s walk through just the key highlights of the must-haves.

The first thing is that you need to set up a Google MyBusiness listing. This is how you get the page that you saw earlier, as well as getting listed on Google maps, which you see here.You’ll do that at Google.com/Business. You’ll simply choose start now and then follow the prompts to get your business on Google. Next, you’ll need to review your citation and get listed in online directories. Your citation is your name, address and phone number, and it should be listed on your site in the footer of every page.

I’ll show you an example at explorecalifornia.org. Here we can see that they provide their address, their city, state, zip code and their phone number. How you write this information and share it should be exactly the same all around the web. Now if you have multiple locations, that’s okay. Simply have a locations page with all your individual locations and make sure that the address and phone number for those locations is identical anywhere else on the web.

Now you can explore your citations across the web and get extra help through a resource called Moz Local. I’ll find that at moz.com/local. Here you can simply identify whether you have 1-99 locations or 100+ locations and you’ll select this option and follow the instructions and Moz will help you find all of those citations and they can even help youupdate them all across the web. Now this does cost money, but it’s relatively inexpensive for the value.

Now let’s go back to Google and re-run that cupcake search. So you’ll notice here that the reviews jump out to you right below the name of this business and you can select this and read all of the great reviews and interact with the brand even more. Reviews and the amount that you collect help you to display higher in search results. You can collect them on Google or Yelp, but you need to make sure that they’re authentic and coming naturally.And, again, if you’re serious about local SEO, definitely explore this topic in more detail by watching my course on Local SEO.

There I’ll go much more in depth, but starting here with these three basic areas that we discussed will be great in putting you on the right path.

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