5-6- Crafting a content strategy


Crafting a content strategy

– Without great content, you’re lost to Google. In order to understand what’s going on with your website, Google has to have some information to read. And it’s going to read that information with a slight bias on keywords. So, earlier, we looked at building a list of our important keywords and now we need to make sure we have content written around those terms. And by writing content for our keywords, I’m not talking about blanketing the page with these keywords. Back in the late ’90s, marketers were focused on these ideas around keyword density, title tag stuffing, and a whole slew of other tricks to try and win over a particular search term.

Search engines are now smart enough to understand the relationship between words and phrases, so trying to reinforce a keyword unnaturally isn’t going to help you. If anything, it’ll impact your efforts negatively. So, when you build your content, keep in mind that there is no magic number of words or times to repeat your term. Instead, build out information that brings the most value to your user. If you’re going after a particular search term, it’s because that term is popular to your user base and using it naturally will be in your benefit.

If you really need a formula, I’d stick with this: have your keyword or a related concept in your heading tag. Include your keyword once and maybe twice, if it’s not awkward, above the fold in your content. And then write supporting copy that includes related concepts and terms to give Google an indication of what the theme of the page is about. Remember, Google is smart. If you’re trying to game the system, chances are, you’re just putting yourself behind. Take time to build content that is natural, easy to read, and a value add for your users, and you’ll see Google reward that effort over time.

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