13-2- Finding and engaging influencers


Finding and engaging influencers

– [Instructor] Influencer marketing is without a doubt a powerful way to increase your brand awareness, drive traffic, and gain customers. But one of the challenges is actually finding influencers. Now your goal is really to identify content that is being promoted by a particular influencer that is being seen that is being seen by the audience that you want to get in front of. So you wanna find the content, find the creators of the content, and then work with those creators to create content about your brand or product, and then get that content in front of their audience.

And you’ll likely have to negotiate paying a fee, exchanging product, or offering guest posting slots on your blog or promoting guest content to their blog. Now, there are many ways that you can go about searching influencers, but one of the fastest and easiest that I’ve found is by using a tool cause Buzzsumo. Now, Buzzsumo does cost money, but you’ll find it valuable for both influencers as well as content research. Now, they do offer a free trial, which is what I’m using here, so you can definitely get started for free to evaluatewhether this method works for you.

So let’s say that I’ve got this coffee product that I wanna start selling. I really am interested in influencers that are talking about coffee. So I’ve gone ahead and set up my free trial with Buzzsumo, and I selected the influencers tab here at the top of the page, and I’m on the search influencers section. Here on the left hand side, we can toggle what we wanna filter for. In this case, maybe we’re not interested in companies, we’re really looking forjournalists, regular people, influencers, and bloggers. Now you’ll notice that influencers are sort of in a category of their own, but all of these other selections could indicate influencer-al resources.

Let’s go ahead and enter in our topic, coffee, and hit search. So, right away I can start to see a variety of information. In each row, I see the influencer, and in each column, I can see their page authority, their domain authority, how many Twitter followers they have, their retweet ratio, and more. If you wanna learn more about what each of these mean, hover over the i icon. Now, when it comes to influencers, retweet ratios are important on Twitter.

You can have a huge number of followers, but have very few retweets, so you wanna be sure that the content is engaged; and of course, as you find influencers in this list, you wanna look at their Twitter or Instagram accounts to see just how influential they are. Now, as I scroll through, I see a lot of brands, but now I’m starting see individual people, which is likely what I’m looking for. Here I can see that he runs a newsletter. So I may want to add this influencer to a list, view the links they’ve shared, follow them, or I can even send them a tweet or add them to my Twitter list.

Once I’ve found an influencer, I’ll reach out and simply pitch what I’m working on. Now, the bigger the influencer, the harder it can be to interact with them. So you may wanna start with a different strategy. Simply follow them on Twitter, and start tweeting and sharing their content. Begin mentioning them when you share your content. Start replying to questions that they have and engaging with them. You’re building a relationship. And hopefully, over time, that relationship begins to pay off, and hopefully, they may either naturally start sharing your content or they may accept a message from you to allow you to talk about the terms of an engagement.

Now, smaller influencers typically will jump right on a paid opportunity or a free product.Now, when it comes to pricing the value of an influencer, that in and of itself is a complicated question. What I like to do is ask the influencer to show me analytic screenshots of recent engagements from content they’ve promoted. I wanna see how many link clicks, how many likes, how many views; I’m less concerned about impressions, I want actual engagement.

And then you can look at the cost or the monetary value that they’re asking for, and begin to do some math around how many people are gonna interact with your piece of content. I then like to compare that value into my other advertising platforms. Now, I know that the conversion rates of influencers can be very high because these are, of course, influential people and their audience tends to follow suit. But you likely need to have multiple campaigns with an influencer; your product needs to show up several times. Oftentimes, a paid ad can work just as well as an influencer, depending on the product that you’re promoting.

So, run some math, do some tests, but really get out there and start talking with influencers. And again, Buzzsumo is just one tool that you can use, but it makes it incredibly easy to start to find influencers. The other thing that you can do is do content research. So you can look for articles, and then go see who’s sharing those articles, and identify if they’re influential. So there you have it: the quick and fast way to find and engage with influencers for your next project.

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