13-1- Introduction to influencer marketing


Introduction to influencer marketing

– The web and all of its content is fragmented into incredibly narrow markets or verticals.Within each of these verticals, you’ll likely find someone who is an influencer. Either they’re an authority on a topic that this audience cares about, or they’re entertaining and interesting. Influencer marketing is an incredibly popular form of marketing where the focus is placed on, well, influential people. It identifies that these individuals have influence over potential buyers. Influencer content may be framed as testimonial advertising where they play the role of a potential buyer themselves, or they may simply introduce your product or business as a paid sponsorship.

Influencers seem to pop up overnight and they gain traction into markets thought the likes of YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, and even the seemingly old school blog. A celebrity endorsement used to be the Holy Grail. But now tapping into an influencer who speaks to a loyal base of followers is the real price. And influencers attract attention because they’re contributing authentically to a community of like-minded individuals. We’ve got moms blogging about their life and the struggle to raise children reaching other moms who appreciate those stories.

And then we have incredibly talented scientists crafting YouTube videos of a viral quality.And even an entire audience dedicated to a small leather worker turning out beautiful photos of his work on Instagram. Think about your own internet habits, do you feel idle time consuming content from a person whom you admire, trust, or aspire to be like?Finding a way to interact and engage with influencers should be part of any comprehensive marketing strategy because as you’ve identified, we all have those people whom we looked up to, aspired to be like, or admire.

And because we have that connection with this influencer, from there, whatever they do or say, has an opportunity to motivate a transaction. So let’s look at three key highlights of influencer marketing and then briefly discuss how you can get started. First, influencers provide social proof. What they wear, listen to, where they go, what they use. This inspires communities. They have affirmed that this product is something they like and value. People really don’t mind being sold to as long as the seller is authentic and within their social circle.

Secondly, contrary to popular beliefs, influencers are affordable. Depending on the reach of an influencer, deals can be had in exchange for free product or often in the sub $500 range.And third, influencers cut through the noise. Influencer marketing has proven to cure ad fatigue more than any other marketing channel today. And why is that? Well, simply put, consumers want value. They get more value out of an influencer than they do out of an ad.An influencer outreach program is more valuable now than it has ever been.

Remember, it’s not necessarily the size of the audience that gets results, rather it’s the quality of the content and the ability of the influencer to promote your brand in an authentic manner. But I don’t wanna make it sound too easy. You see, the hardest part of influencer marketing is finding the right influencers and then negotiating the terms of the promotion. And we’ll talk more on that later. For now, start thinking on the power and importance of influencer marketing. Together we’ll be exploring how to find influencers and hire them. It’s worthwhile to invest energy and adding this tactic to your overall strategy.

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